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The classic car electrical technicians at Hardcore Hot Rods can diagnose, repair, and upgrade your electrical components as required due to any number of different situations and faults.

  • Check engine / warning light diagnostics
  • Gauge upgrades
  • Electrical faults (shorts, light issues, etc)
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classic car electrical diagnostics

The Basics – Classic Car electrical diagnostics can be a challenging task, especially if you are not familiar with the electrical systems of a vehicle.

Classic car electrical work requires a complete understanding of how the electrical systems work, as well as the ability to use specialized diagnostic tools to identify and troubleshoot problems. Many shops may be able to handle mechanical tasks, but electrical work generally requires a different mindset.

Certain diagnostic issues (especially with more complicated ignition systems or fuel injection additions / modifications) require a methodical and targeted approach. Shops which aren’t familiar with these systems will typically “throw parts” at the issue till it’s fixed, often wasting significant money in the process, while potentially leaving the initial problem remaining.

Common reasons why automotive and car electrical diagnostics can be difficult:

  1. Complexity: Upgraded classic cars which utilize EFI or advanced ignition systems are often equipped with complex electrical systems that include multiple sensors, control modules, and other electronic components. These systems can be difficult to understand and diagnose, especially if you are not familiar with the technology. Projects performed by previous owners often make this process even more difficult.
  2. Interconnected systems: Many of the car’s systems are interconnected and a problem in one system can affect the performance of other systems. For example, an issue with the air conditioning system may be caused by a problem with the electrical system or a sensor.
  3. Advanced diagnostic tools: Car electrical diagnostics often require specialized diagnostic tools such as scanners and multimeters, plus the EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE TO USE THEM. These tools can be expensive and require training to use them correctly.
  4. Access to information: Classic car electrical diagnostics require access to service information, wiring diagrams and troubleshooting procedures. This information can be difficult to find, especially for older or rare vehicles.
  5. Experience: Classic car electrical diagnostics require a good understanding of the electrical systems, experience in using diagnostic tools, and the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems. Without the proper knowledge and experience, it can be difficult to correctly diagnose and repair car electrical problems. Many issues require fundamental electrical diagnostic knowledge that goes beyond the realm of the workshop manuals or processes for a different specific fix or repair.

Wiring Harness Repair & Replacement

One of the most common items customers contact us about is the repair and replacement of their vehicle’s primary wiring harness. While repair is sometimes justified (perhaps a small area was impacted by an issue, water intrusion, etc) there are also many times when a complete replacement of the wiring harness isn’t only recommended, but required.

Safely installing, securing, and verifying the function of these upgrades and installations is a tedious task that has immense implications on your classic vehicle’s reliability and safety if not done correctly. One of the most common complaints we hear about is how other shops or mechanics don’t have the experience or understanding required to perform electrical work and repairs. At Hardcore Hot Rods, our experienced staff of classic car electrical technicians go the extra mile to ensure that everything is safe, secure, protected, and checks out perfectly on a test drive.

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hardcore hot rods has experienced technicians to help with all of your electrical diagnostics and upgrades

Although classic car electrical diagnostics can be a challenging task, having a shop with the proper knowledge and experience is critical to efficiently and effectively resolving any issues you may have. Not only do we have the necessary tools and experience to quickly identify and fix the problem, but the odds are that we’ve probably seen it before and are familiar (which can be highly uncommon for mechanics which mostly operate on newer generation vehicles.)

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