The Latest in 4×4 Restoration & Off Road Vehicles

Hardcore Hot Rods specializes in 4×4 restoration, Jeep restoration, and classic truck restoration – as well as other 4×4 models ranging from complete packages to minor modifications and upgrades. 

Just bought a new Wrangler?  We can help you stand out from the rest of the pack with complete vehicle makeover packages that fit your budget, style, and capability requirements.

  • Diesel and gas vehicles
  • Bed liners & bed covers
  • Rust removal, protection, and prevention services
  • Specialized diesel performance (turbos, intercooler piping, tuning, stacks, etc)
  • Driveline modification
  • Underbody protection fabrication
  • Roof rack & off-road light install
  • Custom roof rack fabrication
hardcore hot rods 4x4 restoration

In addition to our above common services, there are a variety of upgrades that can be made to 4×4 and off-road vehicles to improve their performance and capabilities.

  1. Lift kits: These kits raise the height of the vehicle, allowing for larger tires and greater ground clearance.
  2. Larger tires: Bigger tires can improve traction and allow for better off-road performance.
  3. Off-road lights: Additional lighting can help improve visibility in low-light situations.
  4. Winches: A winch can help pull a vehicle out of mud, sand, or other obstacles.
  5. Skid plates: Skid plates protect the underside of the vehicle from damage while off-roading.
  6. Locking differentials: Locking differentials provide better traction and can help the vehicle climb over obstacles.
  7. Upgraded suspension: An upgraded suspension can provide better handling, stability, and comfort off-road.
  8. Performance exhaust systems: These systems can improve engine performance and sound.
  9. Air intake systems: Upgraded air intake systems can improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  10. Snorkels: Snorkels allow the vehicle to safely drive through water crossings without damaging the engine, they can also aid in reducing the amount of dust being ingested into the air filter.

Rust Repair and Prevention

Rust is a common problem for many vehicles, but is especially common on off road vehicles and 4x4s, or anyone living in areas with high humidity or where road salt is used to melt snow and ice. Rust occurs when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen, causing it to oxidize and corrode. Here are some ways that rust can be a problem for vehicles:

  1. Structural damage: Rust can weaken the structural integrity of a vehicle by eating away at the metal. This can be particularly dangerous if the rust affects key areas such as the frame, suspension, or steering components.
  2. Safety issues: Rust can cause safety issues if it leads to the failure of critical components, such as brakes or the fuel system.
  3. Decreased value: Rust can significantly reduce the value of a vehicle. Rusty vehicles are less appealing to buyers and may require expensive repairs before they can be sold.
  4. Appearance: Rust can make a vehicle look unsightly and detract from its overall appearance.
  5. Maintenance costs: Rust can increase maintenance costs by requiring repairs or replacements of affected parts.

To prevent rust from becoming a problem, it’s important to keep your vehicle clean, avoid driving in salted or wet conditions when possible, and apply rust-proofing coatings to vulnerable areas.

Hardcore Hot Rods specializes in both rust removal, and rust prevention. Both of these items are key components to any off-road vehicle that you plan on owning for an extended period of time. Once rust sets in, it’s critical that it be dealt with in a timely manner, as it can spread quickly and many state vehicle safety inspection stations may actually fail the vehicle because of excessive rust.

Truck Modifications

Hardcore Hot Rods also sees a large share of customers who need to upgrade their trucks in a variety of ways. Typically, truck modifications focus around towing (adding or reinforcing hitch mounts, adding brake controllers, etc) and lift kits or leveling kits, as well as upgrading their wheel and tire setups.

For more information on our rust repair options and paint work, please click here. To schedule an appointment or for additional inquiries, visit our contact us page.

Note: HCHR has joined with Speedway Garage to bring you a premium classic car restoration experience.