About Us and our Classic Car Mechanic Team – 30 Years & Going Strong

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our classic car mechanics and staff have established a reputation of helping the classic, vintage, and hot rod community keep their vehicles safe and reliable in Northern VA / MD / DC area. Learn more About Us and our Classic Car Mechanic Team below.


☑ Professionalism: Our classic car mechanic team are always professional in our approach to classic car customer service, communication, and providing our customers a positive experience.

☑ Expertise: We specialize in the art of classic car restoration, vintage car restoration, and hot rod restoration, and as such are better equipped to provide high-quality service. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair problems effectively and efficiently.

☑ Quality of Work: We take pride in our work and are committed to providing high-quality repairs and services, providing a positive experience throughout. We stand behind our work which is guaranteed.

☑ Convenience: Conveniently located, we have flexible hours and payment options, making the process of getting your car serviced more convenient.

☑ Communication: We pride ourselves on keeping the customer informed throughout the repair process, and are always willing to answer questions and explain the work being performed.

☑ Pricing: We offer fair and transparent pricing as well as detailed and clear estimates, while many shops specializing in these vehicles are often forced to dramatically inflate costs down the road.

☑ Reputation: We pride ourselves on having satisfied customers, which can be seen through our customer feedback and reviews. We have an established track record of happy patrons, and a history of providing high-quality service.

Hardcore Hot Rods has extensive experience in the Northern Virginia area, and has extensively expanded our facilities and resources over the years. Starting in 1993, our experience has carried over into the work that our mechanics perform on a daily basis, and all of us remain just as passionate about working on these beautiful classic car restoration projects today as we did when we first opened shop.

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Please note that our sister shop thespeedwaygarage has been absorbed into our larger facility at Hardcore Hot Rods in an effort to offer customers an even greater classic car shop experience.

Our team of classic car mechanics and technicians have been picked over the years to ensure that our company gains and retains the most experienced personnel possible. We often hear from our customers that previous shops they’ve used employ basic automotive technicians, which lack the core and fundamental knowledge required to work on classic and vintage cars.

Obviously, there are many things that set regular mechanics apart from classic car mechanics and restoration specialists. For example, most modern-day mechanics may go their entire careers without having to actually open up or rebuild an engine. At Hardcore Hotrods we understand that doing so is simply a reality of working on older vehicles. Many of our customers ask us to freshen up, replace, rebuild, or boost the performance of their vehicles’ engines, which almost always involves at least a partial teardown and/or removal from the vehicle. This same type of capability also applies to transmissions, suspension components, differentials, and more.

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